Mission, Vision & Goals


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide leadership in promoting character education throughout the community, as well as supporting organizations and individuals who believe that character counts.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is for Minot to become a community where all citizens personally embrace the principle that individual character counts.

Community Goals:


Raise the level of community awareness and commitment to character education so that all citizens embrace the principles of CHARACTER COUNTS!


Involve youth of Minot in the promotion of character at home, in the schools, and throughout the community.


Involve local business in the development and promotion of character education in the workplace.


Develop and maintain a proactive approach to character education as a way to create a safe, healthy community.


Establish a community-wide, longterm commitment to the CHARACTER COUNTS! concept by providing current and future coalition members.


Cultivate long-term funding sources for the promotion of CHARACTER COUNTS!


CHARACTER COUNTS! and the Six Pillars of Character are service marks of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition, a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics.