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Career Day / Week / Month
Special Projects &


Minot Public School District #1
Funded through a School-to-Work Instruction Methods and Curriculum Development Mini-Grant
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Acknowledgment Page

This day/week/month long plan integrates career activities into fifth grade existing curriculum and is designed to cover career outcomes included in Minot Public Schools guidance and counseling curriculum as well as fifth grade outcomes in math, science, health, music, social studies, language arts, art, and character education. Teachers can set up their own time line for this project and pick and choose from the activities listed or complete the entire project. There are opportunities to invite the school counselor into the classroom to assist with this project as well as opportunities for guest speakers from the community.

This project was funded through a North Dakota School-to-Work Instruction Methods and Curriculum Development Mini-Grant. A big thank you to LaDonna Elhardt, School-to-Career Coordinator, for her role in this project as well as the following educators from Minot Public School who developed this plan:

Steve Beutler- School-to-Career Counselor
Rini Coffin- Grade 5, Bel Air Elementary
Barb Coyle- Counselor- Lincoln/Jefferson
Theresa Jensen- Grade 3, North Plains
Gloria Lokken- Grade 4, Edison
Tim Ludwig- Counselor, Washington/ Perkett
Debby Moen- Counselor, Bel Air/ Roosevelt
Chris Pettersen- Counselor, Edison/ McKinley

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Grade 5 Career Day/Week/Month
Special Projects & Activities
Classroom Activities List
  1. To introduce this career unit, follow the instructions on the "Career Exploration Unit" found in Appendix A. Give students the handout: "Name A Job" and complete as a pre-activity. Be sure to include page 2 which is a list of jobs. "Name A Job" can also be found in Appendix A. Show the video "A Second Look At Careers" part I & II. These videos may be checked out through your school counselor.
  2. Send a letter home to parents or guardians describing the Career Day Special Project. If you plan to have a Career Fair as a follow up activity, the invitation to participate and the letter describing to parents what they would talk about can also be sent home at this time. You will find sample letters in Appendix B.
  3. Handout the "Wish list" choices for homes, cars, and toys found in Appendix C. The students should make choices from these sheets, cut them out and then color them and create a poster of their lifestyle choices. (Art)
  4. Play Career Pay Day. Handout "Career Payday Worksheet" found in Appendix D. The Career Payday game can be checked out through your counselor's office or can be purchased through MARCO for $5.95 plus shipping an handling. MARCO's phone number to order is: 1-800-448-2197. You may want to have students use a calculator. (Math)
  5. Have students complete the "Work Conditions Inventory" found in Appendix E. (Language Arts)
  6. Have students complete the handout "Lifestyle Worksheet" found in Appendix F. You may want to have students use a calculator. (Math)
  7. Handout "Solving Problems" found in Appendix G and have students complete individually or divide them into groups and assign problems for each group to complete. (Math)
  8. Have students complete the "Values Inventory" handout found in Appendix H. The directions for scoring the inventory can be found on the last page of the inventory. (Language Arts)
  9. Play the "Career Bingo II" game. This game can be checked out through the counselors office or purchased from MARCO for $24.95 plush shipping and handling. MARCO's phone number to order the game is: 1-800-448-2197. (Guidance)
  10. Complete the pre-activity found in Appendix I and then show the video "The Fable Of He And She" with a post discussion on the video. "The Fable Of He And She" can be checked out through your counselor. (Guidance)
  11. Classroom teacher can lead a discussion or invite the counselor or a business partner into the classroom to discuss ethics in the workplace. Handout and complete the "Attitude Inventory" found in Appendix J. (Character Education)
  12. Complete the "How Do You Shape Up" characteristics activity sheet found in Appendix K. (Language Arts)
  13. Have students complete the "Career Explorer Game Booklet" supplied by your counselor. You will find scoring sheets that can be used to record the results of this booklet for the student's career folder in Appendix L. (Guidance)
  14. Provide students with the children's OOH and the Internet site for the OOH and DOT. (Occupational Outlook Handbook: (Dictionary of Occupational Titles: Have students complete the "Occupation Check Sheet" found in Appendix M using these resources. The occupation listed on this sheet should be the one occupation that interest the student the most according to their results from the Career Explorer Game Booklet. Students should continue with the "Future Careers" worksheet also found in "Appendix M to complete the information they find on their job of choice using the OOH or DOT. Assign for students to write a report on this career of their choice using all the information they have found. (Science & Language Arts)
  15. The classroom teacher or counselor can briefly discuss how technology has influenced the world of work. Have students complete the worksheet "Careers In Communications" found in Appendix N. Star lab can also be used as a tie-in science. (Science)
  16. The classroom teacher can lead a discussion on healthy lifestyle and health careers. Information on environmental work hazards to health, like smoke free environment, noise, etc. can be included here. Have students complete the worksheet "Health Careers" found in Appendix O. (Health)
  17. Explore music careers and invite a musician as a guest speaker to discuss careers and possibly do demonstrations on the repairing of a musical instrument. See "Music/Career Activities" in Appendix P. (Music)
  18. Plan a career fair by inviting parents to come in and describe their jobs. You will find a letter inviting parents to participate and also a general information sheet for parents describing what kind of information they should give to students in Appendix B. (Social Studies)

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The following appendices contain all the handouts you will need to go along with the Classroom Activities List. You can click on each handout to view it as a PDF file. (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these handouts).

Appendix A:

Career Exploration Unit & Handouts- Name A Job & Job List

Appendix B:

(1) Parent Information Letter (2) Invitation to Participate (3) Speaker Information Letter

Appendix C:

Handout- Wish List

Appendix D:

Handout- Career Pay Day Worksheet

Appendix E:

Handout- Work Conditions Inventory

Appendix F:

Handouts- Lifestyle Worksheet & Teacher's Key

Appendix G:

Handout- Solving Problems

Appendix H:

Handout- Values Inventory

Appendix I:

Handout- Pre-Activity for The Fable of He & She

Appendix J:

Handout- Attitude Inventory

Appendix K:

Handout- How Do You Shape Up

Appendix L:

Handout- The Career Game Explorer Scoring Sheet

Appendix M:

Handouts- (1) Occupation Check Sheet (2) Future Careers

Appendix N:

Handout- Careers In Communications

Appendix O:

Handout- Health Careers

Appendix P:

Music/Career Activities