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Career Clusters provide a way for schools to organize instruction and student experiences around sixteen broad categories that encompass virtually all occupations from entry through professional levels. Click here to take a survey to identify your number one career cluster. Click here to visit the States' Career Clusters Website. Click here for Elementary Career Jeopardy

If you click a Career Cluster link below, you will get more detailed information about the cluster. If you click the Job List link for a cluster, you will get a detailed list of jobs within the cluster. To print a Plan of Study for a cluster, click either the Microsoft Word symbol or the PDF symbol. To play the Jeopardy Game for a Career Cluster, click the symbol for Internet Explorer or Firefox or click the PowerPoint link. (If you are using PowerPoint version 2003, it works best just open the game). If you are using older or advanced versions of PowerPoint, it is best to download the Zip folder. Click one of the following for Zip Download Instructions: Internet Explorer or Firefox. To prepare for the games, visit O'NET and view careers by cluster. Good Luck and have fun with the games!!

Job List
Jeopardy Game
Plan of Study
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Business, Management & Administration
Education & Training
Government & Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety & Security
Marketing, Sales & Service
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

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Elementary Career Jeopardy

The goal of the Elementary Career Jeopardy Games is to create career awareness. The games are designed to be facilitated by a teacher in a classroom setting with the entire class participating. Teachers will find a link on the Introduction page to print the game rules. These rules are a guide that can be adapted to fit the needs of each classroom. The Jeopardy theme song should start automatically when you open the Introduction page. If you don't want the music to play, please turn off your sound. There is also a loud BUZZ for each of the two Double Jeopardy questions. If the sounds won't play, it means your computer probably doesn't have the correct plugin to make the sound work. To play any of the games, click the appropriate browser link below.

Please Note: if you want to play a game for the second time, you may need to clear your browsing history for it to work properly.

Grades 1-3
Game 1
Grades 1-3
Game 2
Grades 4-5
Game 1
Grades 4-5
Game 2
Grades 4-5
Game 3
Grades 4-5
Game 4

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