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Western Education Technology Conference - Bozeman, MT
January 21, 2008

Craig Nansen
District Technology Coordinator
Minot Public Schools
Minot, ND 58701

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Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. I am always willing to answer questions or give my opinions on anything regarding the use of technology in K-12 education.

My web site for technology leaders can be found at and my "Tech Talk" blog, which is not updated as frequently as I would like, can be found at

Presentation notes for the Western Education Technology Conference will be posted after the presentation. I plan to have new information available by the end of the day Tuesday, January 22, 2008. Note: I had an interesting flight back to Minot. My plane was about two hours late getting out of Bozeman on Monday, and I missed my connecting flight by a matter of minutes. Got to spend the night in Salt Lake City. Finally got home about an hour ago - 4:30 pm Tuesday. I will be posting the slides from my presentations and more info as soon as I have time.

If you are interested in knowing when I post more info about the topics I covered over the next few weeks/months please send me an e-mail with "Western Ed" in the subject line. There were a lot of topics I wanted to get to and ran out of time - I will be posting info about them. I would also like to know what you thought of my presenation(s) as I am considering doing more of this when I retire in a few years. So far I have never promoted myself, and have just been asked to these presentations because of word of mouth.

I have posted a few of my presentation notes.

Podcasting Presentation - (Quicktime - Flash - PDF - HTML)
Quotes SlideShow - (Quicktime - Flash - PDF - HTML)
Technology: Opening Minds With a New Set of Keys - (Quicktime - Flash - PDF - HTML)

You can check out my articles and resources page or link to our Minot Public Schools' district web site, our blog (which is in the proof of concept stage), our staff page which links to many of our technology resources, and our products page. Every school and classroom teacher in our district is expected to have a web site, and we use School Center to make it as easy as we can to meet this expectation.

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