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  1. Trivia
  2. Fractured Christmas Song Titles
  3. How Gullible Are We?
  4. 99 Ways to Say "Very Good"
  5. 101 Ways to Praise a Child
  6. I.Q. Tests
  7. Digs
  8. Put the Big Rocks in First
  9. Don't Be Different
  10. Tips for Life
  11. 8th Grade Test from 1895
  12. It's Easier to Pass Than Fail
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  1. Big Rocks

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Craig's HotSpots

Information About My Hotspots

Welcome To Minot Public Schools

Welcome To Minot State University
MSU Red & Green The campus newspaper for Minot State University.
U of M's Daily newspaper The University of Minnesota's daily campus newspaper.

State of North Dakota The home page for the state of ND
SENDIT The North Dakota K-12 statewide internet connection project

NSU Northwestern State University of Louisiana. I started their web page as part of my graduate work in Ed Tech.

Sackmann's list of K-12 web sites Check out all the other K-12 schools that are on the WWW.

VolcanoWorld Home Page
Ask An Expert
Koebe, Japan
Painted cave at France
WebMuseum, Paris

Live From the Antarctica
JASON Project

Welcome to the White House
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Papers of George Washington ***** Colonial Series, Confederation Series, Retirement Series, Revolutionary War Series, Presidential Series
Archiving Early America
Perseus Project Ancient Greece Digital Library
The Dead Sea Scrolls They've been around for some 2,000 years, just waiting for someone to digitize them and put them on the Internet. Now, finally, the Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship has done just that.
Mark Twain Resources on the World Wide Web *** This page lists resources by or about Mark Twain. They range from texts of his books to an analysis of his character's appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Welcome to the Planets NASA sponsored space site.

Teacher topics The Teacher Topics web page is designed to make life a little easier for K-12 classroom teachers and students. The site is organized by topics that are commonly taught in K-12 classrooms. There are twenty main topics (Plants, Anatomy, Oceans and Whales, Chocolate, Sports, and more) with almost 300 links.
Pathways to School Improvement Welcome to the NCREL Home Page. NCREL is a not-for-profit organization devoted to researching and implementing best practices in public schools so that all students achieve standards of educational excellence.
ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Montana Kids Website

Titanic This site supposedly done by a 13 year old student.
Pilgrims and the Thanksgiving Story You can find pictures of the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, and even take a virtual tour of Plimoth Plantation. This is a well-done site with nice quality images that don't take forever to load.

CNN Interactive Current news on the web.
ESPN The sports channel is on the Web!
U.S. News and World Report **** U.S. News Online is offering visitors daily news, special features, and extensive links to other resources on the Internet. Sections include: News Watch, Washington Connection, Town Hall, News You Can Use, College Fail and the Current Issue. You can also play the interactive game Mind Junket.
USA TODAY This site has been around for a while, but they recently added tons of content and it's all free. Like the CNN site, this is a great place to get the latest news.

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